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The 2019 ACE State Network Leadership Award will be given to the ACE Women’s Network - Ohio (ACE WNO). The award will be accepted by Shanda Gore, ACE WNO state co-chair and executive director, University of Toledo, and Robin Selzer, ACE WNO state co-chair and associate professor, University of Cincinnati, at the Women’s Network Reception​ just prior to the Women’s Leadership Dinner at ACE2019.

The ACE State Network Leadership Award recognizes an outstanding and innovative program, sponsored by an ACE State Network or by a college or university, that helps advance or support women or women's issues in higher education.

“I am honored to present the ACE Women’s Network - Ohio with the 2019 ACE State Network Leadership Award,” said Gailda Pitre Davis, director of ACE Leadership. “Ohio happens to be one of the earliest active states in the Women’s Network. Activity waned in the late 80s, but last year they celebrated 20 years of renewed and noteworthy activity.”

With an engaged executive board working actively with Selzer and Gore, four regional coordinators around the state, and institutional representatives, the ACE WNO has had a significant impact on women in higher education in Ohio. Last year the ACE WNO experienced its second consecutive sold out Annual Conference, with more than 200 attendees participating in workshops, panel discussions, networking, and other professional development events. Recently the Network continued to grow its social media outlets; re-energized its institutional representative outreach; and established a secure archival system. 

Four state-wide ACE WNO professional awards recognize individuals who have contributed to the advancement of women colleagues or provide scholarships to support participation at conferences or workshops, membership in professional organizations, and other opportunities for professional development. 

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