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Dr. Loleta B. Collins serves as the Assistant Dean of College Credit Plus Academics and a long-time adjunct in World Religions at Edison State Community College. Dr. Collins is also a Quality Matters Master Reviewer.


Dr. Collins is a firm believer in making sure to care for herself so she can care for others, (“You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”) To maintain her mental, spiritual, and physical health, she spends quality alone time as well as time with her family and dogs. She replenishes herself through her love of making jewelry and researching all sorts of things she finds curious. Her curiosity led her to pursue her doctoral thesis researching a warrior woman from ancient Irish epics. She earned her Ph.D. in the field of Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a program which greatly expanded her desire to assist the everyday plights of women of all backgrounds. With a love of the intersectionality found in people, Dr. Collins focuses on ways to help women overcome the boundaries created by the intersections of class, race, religion, et al. She actively participates in college activities that benefit increasing women’s professional advancement and the promotion of equality of all persons.

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