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National Organization

American Council on Education (ACE) seeks to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives.

Professional Development Programs

The ACE Fellows Program is a year-long higher education leadership development program. It identifies and prepares senior faculty and administrators seeking to strengthen higher education through leadership.

ACE State Network Leadership Development Programs are implemented by the individual state networks for mid- and senior-level women administrators as a part of ACE’s Office of Women in Higher Education. The ACE Women's Network-Ohio holds an annual conference.

Several leadership development programs are offered by the ACE for Executive Leaders, Emerging Leaders and Inclusive Excellence Groups.

The Executive Leadership Institute prepares professionals to move into a community college presidency and to succeed in this dynamic sector of higher education. This highly successful program is delivered by recognized national leaders in community college administration and has a particularly strong tradition of advancing women and minority candidates.

HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) is a leadership development and research organization that is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse network of women leaders in higher education. Through various programs that support women in every stage of their careers, HERS provides program participants with transformational experiences and opportunities that result in stronger institutions of higher education. HERS believes that impactful leadership not only requires women in leadership positions, but demands that each woman bring her unique voice and perspective to her leadership role. HERS is best-known for their cornerstone program, the HERS Institute, which was founded to fill leadership pipelines across the United States with dynamic women, each capable of ushering their respective institutions into a more inclusive and equitable future. Further information about the HERS Institute and other HERS programs can be found at

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Professional Development for Educational Leaders offers a variety of professional development programs including: The Management Development Program (MDP) of Harvard University, designed for deans, directors, and other administrators who are good at leading their units but want to improve and The Institute for Management and Leadership in Education, a two-week institute offered by the Harvard School of Graduate Education for skilled, experienced administrators, including deans, directors, provosts, and vice presidents, who will help their institutions adapt to a changing future.

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