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Dr. Janice Walker (2016), Assistant to the President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Xavier University. Dr. Walker received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Tuskegee University, and her master’s degree and PhD, both in Mathematics, from the University of Michigan. Prior to her current role, Janice served as the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Xavier for over 16 years. Janice is recognized for her trailblazing spirit. She has experienced many firsts, for example, she was the first woman to successfully navigate through the tenure process in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Xavier. She then became the first woman and African-American to chair the Department. Seven years later, she became the first woman dean. As a trailblazer, Dr. Walker has been instrumental in recruiting and mentoring other women faculty. She tirelessly supports these women by providing funding, encouragement and by sharing her experiences navigating the University system. She also extends this support by leading a grant to host a STEM Summer Camp for Middle School Girls. The awards committee and executive board were particularly impressed with her leadership in the promotion and success of women and her ability to effectively manage her own personal and professional path.

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