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Presidential Panel Session

Concurrent Sessions 1 - 10:10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Career Path Mapping: Becoming an Authentic Leader

Linda Jayne, Cuyahoga Community College

Do your dreams align with your career path? Are you being true to yourself or following someone else's map? In this workshop participants will create a visual career map based on their personal internal vision. When we discover who we truly are and spend our time becoming that authentic self, we can truly fulfill our mission and lead like no one else can.

A "Madrina" Approach in the Creation of Transformative Space for Latinas in Higher Education

Elena Foulis, Ohio State University
Lyda G. Garcia, Ohio State University
Mary T. Rodriguez, Ohio State University

In the Latina culture, “La Madrina” holds a place of honor where her wisdom and support is well received and respected. In this presentation, we propose a “Madrina” type model to support Latinas in higher education. Even with the common focus to address needs of first-generation Latina students, it is believed many professionals in higher education face similar obstacles. Students, staff and faculty straddle borderlands marked by marginalization, exploitation, and exclusion. In using our own personal experiences in working with this audience we use specific examples, narratives, and insights using concepts by: Borderlands (Anzaldúa, 1987; Keating, 2006), LatCrit Theory (Bender & Valdes, 2012; Villalpondo, 2004), critical race (Abrams & Moio, 2009; Rios, 2008; Salas et al, 2010) and mentoring theories (Crisp & Cruz, 2010). By using the familiar concept of “La Madrina,” we find that it can create space for sharing personal challenges and successes for women in higher education.

"I Don't Shine If You Don't Shine": Feminist Leadership as Praxis

Angela Fitzpatrick, University of Cincinnati
Deb Marke, University of Cincinnati
Tara Scarborough, University of Cincinnati

Using Anne Friedman’s and Aminatou Sow’s Shine Theory, this workshop will guide participants through an intersectional exploration of what it means to practice feminist leadership in the workplace. Participants will learn how gender and racial stereotypes, implicit biases, and microaggressions impact women’s leadership experiences. Participants will also develop skills for practicing feminist leadership such as bystander intervention, intentional collaboration, meaningful mentorship, mindfulness, and radical squad care.

Strengthening Leadership Capacity Through an Understanding of Valued Leader Traits

Debra Mooney, Xavier University

It is imperative for successful leaders to understand those that they guide and support. Just as one’s socialization, culture and other demographics (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity, geographical location, SES) impact expectations, attitudes and assumptions, so does one’s age and generational context. Through experiential activities framed against research findings, the goal of this workshop is to advance leadership capacity and influence through a deeper understanding of one’s own valued leadership traits and those of other age cohorts.

Concurrent Sessions 2 - 1:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m.

Always with a STEM: Cultivating Networks of Bold Leaders

Raymonda Burgman, HERS

In higher education, there are academic fields which are less represented when one conducts a biographical sketch of those holding appointed and/or titled leadership roles. How can we encourage, support, and champion women with experience or backgrounds in STEM fields to seek, hold, and thrive as leaders? During this session, we will primarily discuss what it means to demonstrate leadership in higher education, how to find the support necessary to thrive in fulfilling work and discern pathways for those wanting to lead in creative and innovative ways. Many use the American College President Study 2017 from ACE, which says that those who identify as women hold less than 30% of chief executive officer roles, as a mandate for the urgent need for more women leaders. The question is how we move the needle. Let’s strengthen leadership across a variety of roles and responsibilities on campuses today to meet strategic goals.

From Faculty to Administration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Elaine Crable, Xavier University

Maria Cronley, Ohio Northern University
Terri Feldman Barr, Miami University

This session will provide faculty members with supportive advice, insights, challenges, and warnings about jumping into an administrative role. The panelists will briefly share their experiences and advice regarding making the move to administration before opening up the floor to questions.

To Learn or Not: How to Navigate the Pursuit of a Higher Education Degree

Amanda Bylczynski, Edison State Community College
Katie Bolter, Shawnee State University
Megan Bolter, Shawnee State University
Marcie Simms, Shawnee State University

Are you thinking about pursuing a higher degree? Whether it is to move up in the organization or a personal goal entering a graduate program can seem daunting. Join our panel to learn about the tools and techniques that we have used to successfully pursue our graduate degrees. The panel will include women from various backgrounds, points in the degree process, and field of expertise.

Living Intersectionality: Building Feminist Futures On/Beyond Campus

Asma Abdel Halim, University of Toledo

Malaika Bell, University of Toledo

Aleiah Jones, University of Toledo

Carla Pattin, University of Toledo

Danielle Stamper, University of Toledo

This roundtable discussion focuses on how small, limited-resource entities across campus can respond to the needs of marginalized populations in our community, specifically women of color. Women faculty, staff, and students at the University of Toledo have come together from across campus to collaborate on projects such as a Muslim Women’s Resource Center, and hosting a symposium on/for women of color in predominately white Institutions, setting the ground for more active recruitment, retention, and leadership opportunities for women of color on campus. Participants offer reflections on their positionality and the challenges, rewards, and impact of living more boldly in intersectional spaces, creating a future that is more open to cross-racial, -age, -discipline, -identity, -creed, and –organizational coalition.

Next Level of Excellence Sessions - 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Choose One:

Leaders of Excellence Panel

Julia Acosta, Wright State University
Dr. Rashmi Assudani, Xavier University
Kristine King Robbins, Otterbein University
Carol Tonge Mack, University of Cincinnati
Dr. Sandra Schroer, Muskingum University

Are you ready for your next level of excellence? Learn about the tools and techniques that successful women used to shape their professional paths. The panel will include women from various backgrounds, organizational levels, and areas of expertise.

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Stepping Up: My Life, My Career, My Future

Narcisa Polonio, Ed.D., Executive Team Leader for the Community College Practice at Greenwood/Asher & Associates

Reaching your professional and personal goals requires discipline, commitment, and planning, combined with proficiency, experience, and emotional intelligence. It’s not just about working hard! This session will teach you how to prepare for the executive search process and develop a career and personal plan to reach the top. Includes a discussion on generational perspectives and how to guide and support other women along in their career journeys. The target audience for this presentation are women who are preparing for senior or executive level positions.

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